This multi-functional building has been designed to sit comfortably in its beachfront landscape, and to be resilient in the face of the sand, sun and surf that are part of its daily existence.

Designed with practicality in mind and with a nod to the style of surf clubs of yesteryear, the new building blends with its environment. The top story is clad in natural timber, and the mixed height stairs and balustrades are evocative of driftwood. The vibrancy of the beach and the club are reflected in the yellow of the central lift and the strong blue of the doors. Carpet tiles made from recycled fishing nets traverse the spectrum from sand-coloured to ocean blue.

The upstairs clubroom has unencumbered views of the entire bay and incorporates flexible multi-use spaces and a gym. Downstairs there is easy access to life-saving equipment and modern, robust, low maintenance facilities for club members, as well as stylish public toilets.

This stylish remake of a traditional surf club in a very busy public location has created an asset for the whole community.