A home designed around overcoming a very tricky and tight site. Our brief was to ensure we created a house with multiple external spaces for outdoor living all year round, creating a simple and clean material palette and working with/for a long time client and collaborator, the home speaks for its self. 

An extensive amount of time was spent designing around heights to ensure we maximised the available views without negatively impacting on the neighbours. There were also substantial geotechnical challenges to be overcome. With all builds we pride ourselves on ensuring the constructability plays a key role, and discussions on detailing, material selection, maintenance, and practicality were commonplace.  

Deliberately maximising views and daylighting We wanted to enable Flexible interior design to provide a suitable space for changing family dynamics. Among that was a separate accommodation wing. 

The result is a building that has a sense of relaxation that comes from use of materials and is connected with the natural environment with a Low maintenance result ready for the family to enjoy with security and intimacy from neighbouring views.