This fast-track project provided challenges in terms of remoteness and a very limited budget to rebuild and reinvigorate the school. The new buildings incorporate open-plan teaching and co-working spaces.

This was a hugely collaborative project, with architects and builders working closely together to overcome constraints. Architects 44 fast-tracked delivery by issuing packages of drawings for individual elements (e.g. foundations), to allow contractors to progress while other documents were completed.

The building references the outline of Mt Hikurangi with the sloping ridges leading to the twin peaks. The central corridor reflects the language of the marae with a central tuhuhu (ridge beam), and was designed to evoke a waka, representing the learning journey that the students take during their time at the school. Exposed rafters and coloured clerestory glazing contribute to the generous sense of space. Flexible planning allows a variety of uses, creating a focal point for the community.